Parent Education

What is it?

The Parent Education Program is an 8-10 week program in which a SECAC Family Advocate will meet with you one-on-one weekly to facilitate the Triple P Level 4 parenting curriculum. Triple P is for motivated parents who are interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of positive parenting. It aims to help parents learn strategies that promote social competence and self-regulation in children and teens as well as focusing on decreasing problem behaviors. It is highly focused on assisting parents in forming a parenting plan to recognize particular behaviors in themselves and their children that need additional support in working through.

The Family Advocate is also able to provide additional services for participants who are engaged in the Parent Education Program. These services include but are not limited to: advocacy, information and referrals to other community agencies, life skills classes, and educational supports.

Where is it?

Classes are designed to meet the needs of the family involved. They can take place at our Cleveland location or virtually via Zoom or phone call. We will tailor our classes toward your individual needs.

How much is it?

There is no charge!

Who attend?

Our parenting classes are available to families who are in need of additional support! We understand that no one gives you a manual for how to be a parent, so we hope to come along beside you and support you through the process.

What are people saying about it?

L.M.: “I think it’s awesome. This class has taught me so much that I need to know about helping me be a better parent/grandparent.”

J.L.: “This class has been good for me as a daddy.  I have learned a lot, but I have enjoyed learning-you make it fun to learn.”

Counselor: “I saw the children today. Dad was using the reward system you taught him in parenting. I could see a significant difference in their behavior. They were quiet and compliant. It was pretty amazing!”

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